About Us

Updated: October 24, 2022

WHO Digital Media has been creating, hosting, and maintaining websites since 2003, under the name of bloks.net. In 2021, we made the decision to rebrand.

We wanted a name that was both catchy and meaningful. We wanted this name to make it clear what our business is about and what services we offer. So, after hours and hours of deliberation, we actually decided on another name, briefly. But, while designing the logo for that brand, the owl appeared.

The owl; the ideal representation of a sentinel.  A guardian.  Always watching.  It was the perfect metaphor.  And, of course, our acronym had to be WHO.  And so, WHO: Web Host Owls, and WHO Digital Media were born.

Our mission remains the same.  That is, to be your one-stop shop for web design, hosting, and maintenance. Let us worry about all of your website needs so that you can get on with your business.

Micro-Host Provider

WHO Digital Media is what we call a Micro-Host Provider, or MHP. What is a micro-host provider, you might ask. In a nutshell, we rent bulk space from a major, highly-rated, hosting company. We then use this space to build our websites. It's a win-win partnership.

We are an independent, locally-owned company, located in Virginia Beach, VA.